MIYAGI is better than being naked, or at least as good. No hooks. No wires. Because hard plastic particles have no place on our precious skin.


That's why we use soft elastic bands. They provide the necessary support and guarantee a high wearing comfort, without leaving unpleasant marks.

Inspired by calm, Japanese forests, their captivating scents, and rich colors, the Yin Yang Fun collection gives you the feeling of having found a cozy place even with the chaotic family dinner. All materials come from deadstock and the models are fairly produced in Europe.
The new collection is inspired by the Zero Waste Movement. Japanese prints shed light on our plastic consumption.


The at first glance unusual collaboration came about through the common idea of sustainability.
The collection is inspired by the summer in Vienna. A summer between stone, concrete slabs and asphalt. All models in the collection can be worn as both outer and lower garments, in summer it is best to wear the Miyagis without anything.
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